Welcome to my space on the web, got fed up of people asking me why I hadn't got a homepage up... so here it is?

Apart from that, though I would try and see if I could get any work from the 'Net. If your in need of any sort of help with *NIX, Various Internet Programming, Or design and implementation of an IP network in the South/London area then view my CV HERE and drop me a line.

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  • Pics of My Bike, an Aprilia RS125
  • Pics taken in March of the WTC tradegy in New York.

Places of interest...

  • FreeBSD - FreeBSD website.. need I say more? ;)
  • Google - Mother of all search engines
  • Newnet - Seem to be the Best ISP I've come across in the UK
  • Postfix - Excellent SMTP server. Postfix Rules!
  • Slashdot - Excellent humour - Read the peoples comments that post here. Morons!
  • The Register - Fairly honest and sometimes amusing IT related news :) Home of BOFH!

Comments, chat, feedback, random abuse to jamie@jamiesdomain.org.uk