Accounting Skills that go Beyond what you Learn in School

Accounting software has come a long way since the advent of computers or even the internet. As an accountant, it is common to come across many new developments that you did not encounter in school. Accounting is evolving at a tremendous rate, especially when new forms of businesses are coming up with new accounting methods. There are new features and trends of accounting technology that has emerged over the years that were not part of the course content. Some things will arise that you will experience once you become a chartered accountant.


Making decisions

When you are an accountant, you will often be in situations where you will make difficult decisions, especially when you are operating your own business. In this case, you would be left with either an option of employing another accountant to deal with the accounting or handling it by yourself. If you do decide to hire another accountant there are definite steps you should follow. You can also choose to rely on an accounting technology that you are familiar with for accounting purposes. Moreover, the decisions would also involve whether the new employee or software would prove as a beneficial addition and is cost effective. In this context, trial and error apply as this would reveal whether your decision is the best choice. You can try out each software or read through the documentation to find something that suits your needs. These software solutions can also prove vital as they ease the accounting process for your business, and they tend to be a cheaper option in comparison to employing an accountant.



While you were a student, networking was not part of the course content. This means that in the real life situation you will often face situations where you have to network or interact with other accountants. This will ensure that you are updated on the latest development in accounting, and it would also reveal ways in which you can improve your practice. Networking is integral if you use cloud-based accounting technology. It allows you to learn about the technology you are using as well as gaining suggestions from other users on how to use the software for your benefit. Accounting plays a role in attracting new businesses. It is a challenging activity that an accountant will learn through experience rather than having the knowledge imparted on them. If you are an introvert, then networking would prove difficult.


Confusing social interactions with networking is commonplace. Even though the two might be similar, they have different intentions. Networking occurs in situations where you are marketing yourself or the product you are selling. On the other hand, social interaction often occurs where you build relationships with others, but it does not involve your work. Furthermore, networking can evolve to social interaction, and it would mean that you have developed a meaningful relationship with the other party.

As an accountant, there are many things that you should be prepared to learn by yourself. Even though the knowledge is not something that you will learn in accounting school, it can prove beneficial to your business and professional. It can prove useful in cases where you use cloud-based accounting solutions.

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